Flash Fiction: Dried Roses

Hung downwards, from the rail in the wardrobe, my wife’s fresh-faced flowers hid behind her wedding veil. A tradition we learned from her grandmother. Our ‘something old’, to decorate our table in future anniversaries. “They dry prettier in the dark,” she murred as she latched the shutter closed. That first year she still saturated our … Continue reading Flash Fiction: Dried Roses


Review: Age of Empires II (HD Edition)

Alphabetically, and by playtime, Age of Empires II: HD Edition comes up first in my Steam library. Though its metacritic score of 68/100 places it on the cautiously "mixed" side of the review spectrum, I still find it a classic which absolutely lives up to its legacy. The original came out at the end of the … Continue reading Review: Age of Empires II (HD Edition)